Walk Two Moons

By Paso High Theatre Co. (other events)

6 Dates Through Dec 09, 2018

Based on the Newberry Award winning novel, Walk Two Moons follows 13-year-old Sal as she flashes back to a few integral moments in her life. While in a long car ride with her Gram and Gramps, Salamanca recalls the story of the disappearance of her best friend Phoebe’s mother. The two girls begin to investigate the curious incident, unknowingly stirring up memories from Sal’s past. However, the truth soon begins to unravel as both the car ride and the investigation with Phoebe begin to take a few turns. Filled with intrigue, this beautiful story evokes emotions to the brim as Salamanca learns to walk two moons in the moccasins of the ones she loves, and even the ones she doesn’t.

Please note: This play is dramatic in theme and would be best enjoyed by children who are able to sit through a quiet show.